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“Aatujeevitham” of Benyamin transforms to English as “Goat Days”

KASARGODE May 7: The Kerala Sahithya Academy award winning (2009) Malayalam novel book called “Aadujeevitham” or more clearly “A Goat like life” in meaning by Benyamin is getting translated to English as ‘Goat Days’.

Benny Benjamin is an Immigrant Novelist, a native of Kulanada, Kerala writes under the pseudonym Benyamin.

“Goat Days” is the story of a young man forced to work and live as a slave under immense pressure in Saudi Arabia amidst the desert sand dunes. It is a sure eye opener in terms of how life, freedom and existence are defined, executed by a set of unrealistic hands made by both fate and law. The characters of “Aadujeevitham” that get into a job they never really understand how they landed and before they know the desert would have washed clean any traces of past life in them.

Nowhere in life can one find such a disparity among immigrant population, people with the power to dictate life to people who can’t even decide if they are free or enslaved. Such a vast gulf between the standards of work and life of people coming to work from the same state itself is an area worth exploring.

‘Goat Days’ explains the hardest of ever life when the sponsor/company or “Arbab” or “savior” as they call, who keep passport and eliminate the freedom to travel. It s beyond the imagination of many that even in large companies, still have the system of holding the passport of every employee and then having control over their fate and freedom. Something to think seriously about however needs to fathom.

“Aadujeevitham” is a true story of someone who went through much harsh situations than what one could ever heard before and it opens the box with a million questions on what does being a human mean to us and how are we different compared to that of the goats and other slaughter animals.

“Goat Days” is getting ready for stands in end of May 2012 through Penguin publishers with authentic translation by Dr. Joseph Koyippally, who is currently the Head of English Department at the Central University of Kerala in Kasargode. The well known writer and translator Dr. Koyippally is a doctorate holder in English literature from New Delhi’s JNU and has got immense Arabic knowledge as well. He worked and travelled across Saudi Arabia while was a professor at the Hail University for over five years.

In Benyamin’s words, Dr. Joseph’s translation had brought the expressions better than the original version in Malayalam. It is believed to be an eye opener for the world towards the live in the Arabian gulf of the unskilled employees.