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Alleged voice of Kavya Madhavan’s mother-in-law in You Tube

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Jan 15: A recent You Tube Video, allegedly having the voice of film actress Kavya Madhavan’s mother-in-law and a servant is going viral everywhere. In the conversation between the two, there is a reference between the actress and Dileep, with whom the actress was paired in several roles. However, there has been no hardcore evidence that the voice is indeed that of Nishal Chandra’s (Kavya’s ex-husband) mother, Marunadan Malayali website reported.

In the conversation, which was uploaded under the name, S. Kumar, there has been reference about Kavya’s marriage and the rather curious disappearance of Dileep. Only his wife, Manju Warrier was preset at the function. There is also reference of about Kavya’s brief stay at her husband’s home. After a mere stay of just two months, Kavya left for Dubai. It is allegedly mentioned in the audio that Kavya continued her relationship with Dileep there.

In the audio, it is said that there was a ploy to kill Nishal by some people who had close relationships with Kavya and Dileep. An Asianet reporter is also linked with this, according to the audio. If the audio is factual, then there might be no reaction from anyone. However, if the audio is a manufactured one, then the person behind it could be in bars anytime. Kavya’s mother can file a petition for defamation. There is more chance that the video could have been a fabricated one, made by some fraudsters. However, if the video is not removed from You Tube, it will soon become a hit for sure.