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Which actors' and actresses songs were a hit in the Malayalam film industry? (Videos)

KOCHI Dec 22: Several Malayalee actresses and actors sang for Malayalam films in the year 2012. Majority of them were a hit too. This trend was also seen in Tamil and Bollywood. Please take a look at the songs sung by actors and actresses which were a hit with the Malayalee populace.

Some of those who were successful with Malayalam songs were Mohanlal (Run Baby Run), Ramya Nambeesan (Ivan Megharoopan), Mamta Mohandas (Arike) Mammooty (Jawan of Vellimala), Nitya Menon (Poppins), Biju Menon & Mohanlal (Chettais). The others who were successful in other languages were Priyanka Chopra (Hindi), Vijay (Tamil).

See below with songs from Malayalam first in order:


Ramya Nambeesan

Mamta Mohandas

Nitya Menon


Biju Menon & Mohanlal

Priyanka Chopra

Vijay (Tamil)