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Kumkumapoovu Serial Actress Karuna is a Tamil actress

KOCHI March 18: Malayalam Television channel Asianet's serial Kumkumapoovu was received by Malayalam audience with a loud applause.

This serial is a good family entertainer which is shown at 9 pm and at 12.00 am on all week days from Monday to Friday.

There has been lot of inquiries about the names of actresses of Kumkumapoovu serial.

Most people do not know the real name of them and know only the names of their characters in this serial.

The real name of Karuna in Kumkumapoovu serial is Rindhya.

Rindhya is a Tamil actress and has did an amazing performance in this serial.

Dharmambigai Rindhya is a native of Pallavaram in Tamil Nadu. She did her High School studies at St Theresa's Girls Higher Secondry School in Pallavaram. Rindya did Political Science at MCC College in Tambaram

Rindhiya is known for her excellent performances in various serials with her matured performances whatever may be the character that she was given earlier. It is going to be a hey-day for this Chennai girl to prove her mettle in kumkumapoove as a villain. The viewers would be enjoying the acting caliber of this actor.