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Mother blackmailed to have sex with son to hide relationship

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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM March 13: The state of Kerala is notoriously becoming a place of sex scandals and illicit relationships. Kerala is fast booming with majority having the spending power to live a life of luxury. The state is already known to be the biggest spender in alcohol consumption. It is also being found to be the richest among all the states in India according to the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO).

It was only last week that two sex scandals rocked Kerala. A serial actress among nine were arrested in Kannur and another five were arrested for immoral activities from Kadavanthara in Kochi. However, now another scandal has come out questioning the morals of this society.

In a new report by Surya TV news, a mother was forced to have sex with her son and the video was circulated on the Internet and on mobile phones.

The incident was reported to have happened in Kadakkal in Kollam. A Muslim woman was forced to have sex with her son who is mentally retarded.

The husband of this woman was abroad. During this time husband's brother and friend used to sexually abuse the woman. The accused persons in the scandal case are Shajahan, Raiju and Sakkeer Hussain.

Later they gave alcohol to her son and forced the woman and her son to undress. They forced the mother and son to do sex and this was recorded as video clip.

According to the woman the accusations against the culprit's are as follows:

Her husband's brother and his friend used to sexually abuse her many times.

Her son is mentally not grown up and the accused persons gave alcohol to him mixed in Pepsi and forced him to drink.

She was also drugged by them.

Later they forced her to undress and made her son touch her private parts.

The mother and son were forced to do sex and the accused persons recorded the video of this entire incident.

Later the accused persons went away and when she woke up in the morning she saw that she and son were lying without clothes.

After this incident the accused persons used to blackmail her for money.

She had about Rs.12 lakhs in the bank account and the accused persons demanded 10 lakhs for not showing this video to anyone.

Later this video was uploaded into internet and also circulated through mobile phones of all people in the locality.

This video clip was seen by her husband who came back to house.

Her brothers also came to her rescue and have consoled her who was about to sommit sucide due to harrasement and mental strain caused by this incident.

Later they started blackmailing the woman and this video clip was put in internet which got circulated through mobile phones also.

This came to the knowledge of the woman who made the complaint.

Women's organisation supporters have decided to do all they could to deliver justice to the woman.

Kadakkal Sex Scandal- SuryaNews