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KCWA Trust explains reasons for splitting from KCWA

Croydon: Malayalee population in Croydon grew from around 400 people in 1975 to over 6500 within and around Croydon Borough in 2010. A Malayalee youth club in Croydon called Kerala Youth Club was formed in 1975 and organised Onam function and other activities for Malayalee people in Croydon. In 1986 this youth club transformed itself into an organisation called KCWA (Kerala Cultural and Welfare Association.

Over the last 24 years of KCWA’s existence in Croydon it essentially made no progress from its youth club days of the 70s and eighties to accommodate the community needs. For example it did not understand the benefit of registering KCWA as a charity organisation thereby failing to access any grants designated for community volunteer groups.

The KCWA Trust is formed by majority of its members from the KCWA in order to learn from the past but look forward to the future and work with Malayalee community more effectively involving younger generation of our community.

After many years of attempt by its long standing members to make a change, in April 2009 fifty six of its members signed a notice to the secretary of KCWA requesting a Special General Meeting. The Secretary of KCWA refused to hold an SGM unconstitutionally. The events followed from this resulted in the formation of KCWA Trust, KCWA Trust official informed this website.

KCWA Trust - Current

An AGM was held on 24th January 2010 at St Saviour’s church hall and adopted its constitution and held election for 20 Executive committee positions and Co Opted a further 10 committee members, who would not have voting rights, as follows:

5 x Committee members for three years

Saju Sasikumar, Shiju Sasankan, Nandini Anandan, Chippy Soman, Judith

5 x Committee members for two years

Zeena Sunilbabu, Shann Raghavan, Kuttan Murukesan, Biju Premnath, Sasikumar Sivanpillai

5 x Committee members for 1 year

G. Sasankan, Gopalan Premavrithan, Ajayakumar Pillai, Baiju Nathan, Jyothi Subramanyam

5 x Organisational members (Corporate members)

Saffron Arts Croydon (Reena)

Badminton Croydon(Rajeeve)

Croydon Kerala Cricket club(Sajeeve)

Sangeetha of the UK( TBC)

1 x Vacant position

A further 10 people were co opted to work with the elected executive committee.

Co Opted Committee members are

V. Chandrababu, Jayaprakash Panickar, Vasavan Sasikumar, Sajeevan Raghavan, Sunil Krishnan, Sunil Reghunathan, Govindan Premnath, Alsahar Noohukannu, G. Rajendraprasad, Gurudas Harilal

The first Executive Committee meeting of the KCWA Trust was held on 31 January 2010 and following positions were filled:

Gopalan Premavrithan – Chair Person

Biju Premnath - Vice Chair (TBC)

Saju Sasikumar – General Secretary

Shann Raghavan – Assistant secretary

Chippy Soman – Treasurer

Judith Roberts – Assistant Treasurer

Activities already underway:

Saffron Arts Croydon

Saffron Arts is led by dancers to inspire and educate the South London Community in South Asian Arts. The first initiative launched by Saffron Arts is a Bharatha Natyam dance class run by dancers with enhanced safety and security for children. It employs one of the best known Guru’s in the UK, Anusha Subramanyam.

This dance class will provide training programme in accordance with the world’s leading examination board, The Imperial Society of teachers of Dancing (ISTD). Saffron teachers are currently undergoing the training programme and regular class would start from 21st February 2010 at Lanfranc School from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm. Saffron Arts would be affiliated to KCWA Trust but with full operational independence.

Badminton Croydon

Badminton Croydon is based in Thornton Heath Leisure Centre, Thornton Heath High Street. This initiative was launched on 10th January 2010 currently attended by 30 people. It primarily promotes badminton in a family environment where all members of the family are encouraged to participate. Health promotion through sports activities would be a key outcome for this organisation. Badminton Croydon would be affiliated to KCWA Trust but with full operational independence.

Medium Term Plans

KCWA Trust has following activities planned for this year.

Yearly celebration to demonstrate our talents due to be held in Nov 2010.

Promote our dancers to wider community.

Onam function in partnership with other organisations.

Onam Sadya in partnership with other organisations.

New year celebration in partnership with other organisations.

Long Term Plans

Purchase a community hall to base all activities of KCWA Trust and other organisations.

KCWA Trust would be launched at a community meeting on 13th February 2010. All committee members and all officers of KCWA as at 12 April 2009 would not be welcome at any of KCWA Trust meetings.