T Haridas shares dais with top dignitaries at inaugural event of Loka Kerala Sabha (VIDEO)

By A Staff Reporter
THIRUVANTHAPURAM Jan 13, 2018: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan inaugrated the Loka Kerala Sabha (LKS) forum comprising legislators and parliamentarians from the State and representatives of Malayalee expatriates in other Indian states and abroad yesterday at the Kerala Legislative assembly.
As many as 351 representatives including state politicians as well as businessmen, technocrats and scientists from around the world are participating the meet which will culminate today (Jan 13).
The meeting got underway with the chief minister addressing the entire gathering. The dias saw seven dignitaries who will act as the main committee to oversee the Loka Kerala Sabha's operations in future. The chief minister will be the leader of the LKS and leader of the opposition will be the deputy leader of the sabha. 
It was a proud moment for UK Malayalees as T Haridas from London was privileged to have shared the dias at the opening ceremony and become part of the main committee to oversee Loka Kerala Sabha operations in the future. 
T Haridas from the United Kingdom shared the dias with the selected dignitaries. T Haridas was representing the World Malayalee Federation. T Haridas is a businessman with a string of hotels in the UK. He also works at the Indian High Commission London. A noted social figure in the UK, he has helped hundreds of Malayalees in Europe at times of difficulties thorugh his interactions with the Indian and UK officals within his capacity.
The representatives were given opportunity to raise their issues at the fourm which was recorded for them to be discussed by the decision making body later.
Issues such as joblessness in the Gulf sector, difficulties faced by NRIs in setting up businesses in Kerala, red tape and several other positives such as on how one could benefit mutually were discussed. 

Shortage of women representatives at Loka Kerala Sabha
Gita Gopinath, Harvard professor and adviser to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, pointed out that there was no shortage of accomplished Malayalee women and she would like to see more of them in the next edition. Of the 26, not everyone turned up on Friday, but actor Revathi made it to the presidium as the lone female member.
The ‘Rest of India’ division has Revathi, writer Anita Nair, Lathika Balakrishnan, Bindu Jayan Ezhuvathra, Prema Menon, Priya Pillai and singer K Chitra. ‘West Asia’ has Asha Sarath and Marina Jose, while ‘Europe and the Americas’ has Anitha Pullayil, Sr Dony Mary, Sony Solomon, Vidya Abhilash and Sr Mello FCC. Only three women are listed in the ‘Eminent NRK’ division - Nilambur Ayisha, actor Shobhana and Sunitha Krishnan.