Denmark job scam: Recruitment agent arrested in Kochi

KOCHI October 18: The counterfeit agencies who stashed away lakhs of money from students offering them a job in Denmark would be in trouble as the police arrested a person in connection with the case from Ernakulam. The arrested has been identified as Thankachan, a resident of Kaloor, who runs a travel agency named Euro Asia. It is now quite evident that several other criminals in the chain of job scam agencies will be under police custody.

Meanwhile an online newspaper said that another prominent member in connection with the Denmark job scam case will be soon under custody. However, the report is not clear as to who will be the suspect. All evidences however point towards a Manchester based job recruitment agent who offered candidates a job in Denmark. A particular journalist is also closely scanned in the case.

The arrested person Thankachan has provided several damning evidences about his scammer agency. A student named Elsa Mary gave him 670,000 for a nursing job in Denmark. However, he sent her to U.K citing that nursing seats in Denmark was over and done with. Another student named Asha gave him 3.5 lakh rupees. Mr Thankachn started Euro Asia in 2003. The company has branches in Kottayam and Thrissur. However, in the year 2011 he closed it saying that there has been a change in the U.K immigration and study laws. It has been reported that most of these students who reached U.K in an NVQ visa has not yet received any proper jobs.

It is becoming added trouble for the victims of these scams as the new immigration law has been introduced. As per new rules these students will be immediately send back to the native places. Mr. Thankachan send most of the students to the Oxford University and Newton College. He offered several attractive offers to woo students into his scheme. He assured that they will receive 1,200 pounds in part time jobs which they could use to pay for taking a residential visa.

Thankachan was arrested under a team lead by City police Commissioner M R Ranjith. The police have informed that anyone who has been a victim of the Denmark job scandal can contact Assistant Commissioner of Ernakulam, Suni Jacob who is currently investigating the case.

You can also contact via e-mail by sending your information to acekm@kochicitypolice.org.